Technical Specifications

Input voltage to power pack                                                 120 -250 v AC

Input voltage                                                                         12v DC

Input current                                                                          500ma

Frequency range  of stored frequencies                                 0.4 Hz – 10,000 Hz

Number of stored frequencies                                                1,000,000

Number of stored Sequences                                                 1600+

Range of frequencies available to be stored                           0.01 – 9999.99Hz

Application                                                                              Through hand cylinders or foot plates, sticky electrodes and electromagnetically.

Cable (2)                                                                                 Flexible single core, 1.2 m in length

Ability to pulse frequencies                                                     Yes (standard pulse time for all)

Run time for default settings                                                  3 minutes

Maximum run time programmable                                           99 minutes

Maximum entries for custom Sequence                                 32 frequencies

Weight (unit)                                                                           0.7kg

Display                                                                                    LCD, displaying,

                                                                                                Frequency being run,

                                                                                                Sequence selected

                                                                                                Time to run on that Frequency
                                                                                                Total time to run

Colloidal Silver maker                                                              30v dc constant current

Colloidal Silver ppm                                                                 5-15ppm selectable

Beck Unit voltage                                                                     27volts dc

Dimensions                                                                              210 X 140 X 40mm

Max output voltage                                                                  40v
Max Current output                                                                 50mA