Royal Rife

Royal R Rife.

Rife Chronology

M A Y 1 6 , 1 8 8 8 - Royal R. Rife is born in Elkhorn, Nebraska.

19 1 0 - 1 9 2 0 - Rife settles and lives in San Diego, California.

19 2 0 - 1 9 2 9 - Rife conducts research in microscopes, microbiology and "energy medicine."

N 0VE M B E R 3 , 1 9 2 9 - Rife's stunning accomplishments are first described to the public in an article which appears in the San Diego Union. The readers learn that "Rife ... is evolving a new method that will do away with chemicals ... The possibilities of this process once it is perfected, he believes, are boundless. Medical men ... may in this one step find an end to much of human suffering. This is Rife's great aim."

J UN E 1 9 3 1 - Rife's genius is announced to the American people nationwide as the nationally distributed magazine Popular Science describes Rife's accomplishments and the new world he has opened. The article tells how doctors and lab workers watch history being made on a "six-by-eight foot screen" where Rife shows motion pictures. "We were in the laboratory of R.R. Rife at San Diego, Calif. He is a pioneer in the art of making motion pictures of the microscopically small... Now doctors may sit at ease in comfortable chairs and watch bacteria in their native surroundings on a motion picture screen... Rife has devised a magnetic compass so delicate that it can be used to study the electricity and magnetism in living germs. He suggests that if the electrical make-up of certain dangerous germs is learned, it may someday be possible to destroy them in the human body by applying small doses of electricity..."

N 0V E M B E R 1 9 3 1 - Dr. Milbank Johnson, professor of medicine at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, travels to San Diego to "check out" this genius Royal R. Rife. Dr. Johnson is accompanied by three other prominent Los Angeles area doctors. They are astounded by what they find. They immediately send a Western Union telegram to Dr. Arthur Kendall of Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Kendall is one of the leading bacteriologists in America. He wires back that he will be on a train heading to the American West Coast within a day or so!

Mid N 0 V E M B E R 1 9 3 1 The historic "doctor's gathering" occurs in Pasadena, California. Forty-four prominent medical authorities from Los Angeles honor Rife with at banquet billed as "The End to All Diseases."

N 0 V E M B E R 2 2 , 1 9 3 1 - The Los Angeles Times reports, "Scientific discoveries of the greatest magnitude ... were described Friday evening to members of the medical profession, bacteriologists and pathologists at a dinner given by Dr. Milbank Johnson in honor of Dr. Rife and Dr. A.I. Kendall."

D E C E M B E R 1 9 3 1 - The official journal of the state medical associations of California, Nevada and Utah report on the discoveries and historic significance of Rife's and Kendall's breakthrough project.

J U L Y 5 - 7 , 1 9 3 2 - Rife, Kendall and Dr. Edward C. Rosenow of the Mayo Clinic, the most prestigious research and treatment hospital in America, meet in Chicago to verify the results of the Pasadena, California experiments. The successful results are soon reported in a staff paper circulated within the Mayo Clinic and then in Science magazine (August 26, 1932), the most prestigious science journal in America.

N 0 V E M B E R 1 9 3 2 - Rife isolates in his remarkable microscope a virus-size, dwarf bacteria that is the cause of many, if not all, cancers.

SUMMER OF 1 934 Dr. Milbank Johnson of the University of Southern California organizes a clinical
trial consisting of 16 persons with cancer diagnosed as "terminal." The clinic is located in La Jolla, California, ' Just north of San Diego. Within a few months time, all 16 patients are diagnosed as "cured."

1 9 3 5 - 1 9 3 8 - Clinics are opened in San Diego, Los Angeles and Pasadena, California. Phenomenal results are reported. A Special Medical Research Committee is organized at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles to oversee and manage Rife's "energy medicine" research amid clinical success with a variety of disease conditions, not just cancer.

M A Y 6 , 1 9 3 8 A N D M A Y 1 1 , 1 9 3 8 - The San Diego Evening Tribune reports that Rife's "energy medicine" has successfully destroyed the microbes associated with cancer and other diseases. The newspaper articles are cautious but optimistic. The original article declares, "The discovery promised fulfillment of man's age-old hope for a specific destroyer of all his infectious diseases... Organisms from tuberculosis, cancer... Typhoid... Were among many which the scientist reported are killed by the waves... Rife commented, '...we can say that these waves or the ray has the power of devitalizing disease organisms."'

1 9 3 8 - 1 9 3 9 - The San Diego Medical Society reacts furiously to the newspaper article describing Rife's profound discoveries. Doctors using Rife's "energy instruments" are visited and informed to stop healing their patients with Rife's method or face loss of the medical licenses and jail.

M A R C H 1 9 3 9 - The leading laboratory for electronic or energy medicine in America, located in New Jersey across the river from New York City, is "mysteriously" destroyed by fire at 3 A.M. while its director is in San Diego visiting Rife.

M A Y - J U N E 1 9 3 9 - An electronics engineer who assisted Rife during a critical phase of Rife's research sells out to the American Medical Association. The engineer initiates a courtroom battle for control of the new healing method. Rife is stopped just before leaving for England where scientists and doctors are prepared to honor him and his new healing technology, followed by worldwide distribution of his microscopes and energy instruments.

J U N E 1 9 3 9 - Rife's associates beat back the engineer's attempt to grab the Rife discoveries on behalf of the
American Medical Association. However, Rife has begun to drink during g the severe pressure of the trial. He and his associates are virtually bankrupt when the trial is over.

S E P T E M B E R 1 9 3 9 - World War- 11 erupts when Nazi Germany invades Poland. The world is plunged into war until 1945.

1 9 4 0 - Arthur Yale, M.D. reports at the Californian State Homeopathic Medical Society that he has achieved stunning cures of terminal cancer- patients using, Rife's "energy instruments" and thus destroying the microbe associated with cancer.

1 9 4 4- - Dr. Milbank Johnson, head of the Special Medical Research Committee of the University of Southern
California, mysteriously dies. Shortly thereafter-, ill the files relating to Rife "vanish."

1 9 4 5 - 1 9 5 0 - Rife hits hard financial times as he is "locked out" of medical-scientific worlds previously open to him.

1 9 5 0 - 1 9 6 0 - Rife begins to develop anew his "energy Instruments" with new associates. These are primarily with engineering backgrounds however. No men with scientific or medical credentials dare to assist Rife. However, over 90 instruments are distributed for research and self experimentation.

1 9 6 0 - Medical authorities invade Rife's lab. Energy instruments are smashed and confiscated. Rife goes into hiding in Mexico while his associates are put on trial. Medical documentation is not allowed to be introduced at their trial. Rife's associates are sentenced to long jail terms.

A U G U S T 1 9 7 1 - Rife dies in San Diego, California at the age of 83.

A P R I L 1 9 8 7 - The Cancer Cure that Worked: The Rife Report is published. It sparks an interest in Rife's 
Long suppressed inventions, discoveries and "energy medicine" healing therapy.

1 9 9 0 - 2 0 0 0 - A stunning grassroots movement centered on Rife's lost science erupts across America and then spreads into other countries. Reports of amazing cancer cures based on Rife-related therapy begins circulating. Rife becomes a focus of serious scientific, medical and engineering ,exchanges on the world wide web as the internet catalyzes an information-communication revolution.