Leasing and Finance


Only available in New Zealand

Leasing of aliXXor is a viable option for many if just want to run a detox program or do a comprehensive parasite cleanse. Many other conditions can be improved upon with a few weeks of treatment.


1.  Contact us to see if we have units available
2.  Download the leasing documents, fill in and post or fax to Health Recovery Systems.
3.  Write us about your health condition or what you want to work with and we will be able to send back a session protocol with the unit.


Duration                          Price per week
1-4 weeks                       NZ$200
5-12weeks                      NZ$100
13 +                                 NZ$70

Conditions of the lease and pricing are on the lease documents.

Lease document


Send us

  • Your name,
  • Contact details
  • Amount of deposit

Our finance department will contact you.

Finance enquiry