How To Use

Simple to use.

To run the Sequence codes.
1.    Scroll down to find the condition you want to work with
2.    Press RUN.
3.    Alixxor will do the rest so sit back and relax.

Alixxor will now run a series of frequencies for a period of 3 (default) minutes each. These are frequencies that have been shown to be beneficial for that particular condition.  The average session runs about 10 frequencies which lasts about 30 minutes.

To run a frequency.

 Simply select the time you wish to run that frequency followed by the frequency and press RUN
alixxor will run that frequency for that long

Program in your own frequencies.

Follow the instruction in the screen or follow the easy to use manual manual
Simply enter the required frequency and how long you want it to run and press RUN

Make your own Sequences.

Sequences can be made up of any of the 1 million frequencies. Up to 32 frequencies can be stored as a sequence and used at any time in the future.