Beck Blood Cleanser

Bring up the Beck Blood Cleanser screen on your aliXXor and you have another powerful healing tool at hand.

Dr Robert Beck famous for his work with blood electrification found that by applying micro currents through small electrodes placed on the wrist he was able to  to neutralise viruses, eliminate all infections and quickly restore damaged immune systems. This has been used a lot with  AIDs, cancer and many other parasite based conditions.

How to use.

Attach the wrist strap as per the diagram in the manual, plug into alixxor, bring up the Beck Blood Cleanse screen and press RUN.


Dr Bob Beck: Suppressed Medical Discovery: Dr. Robert C. Beck ( Cancer,AIDS, anything viral)

Suppressed Medical Discovery - Dr. Robert Beck

Blood Purifier: Dr Bob Beck


The Weekly News magazine of Science Biomedicine

March 30, 1991 page 207

Shocking treatment proposed for AIDS

Zapping the AIDS virus with low-voltage electric current can nearly eliminate its ability to infect human white blood cells cultured in the laboratory, reports a research team at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City.
William D. Lyman and his colleagues found that exposure to 50 to 100 microamperes of electricity - comparable to that produced by a cardiac pacemaker - reduced the infectivity of the AIDS virus (HIV) by 50 to 95 percent. Their experiments, described March 14 in Washington, D.C., at the First International Symposium on Combination Therapies, showed that the shocked viruses lost the ability to make an enzyme crucial to their reproduction, and could no longer cause the white cells to clump together - two key signs of virus infection.

The finding could lead to tests of implantable electrical devices or dialysis-like blood treatments in HIV-infected patients, Lyman says. In addition, he suggests that blood banks might use electricity to zap HIV and vaccine developers might use electrically incapacitated viruses as the basis for an AIDS vaccine. For scientists working to create contraceptive devices that repel sperm with electricity, the new study also hints at a lifesaving side effect: protection against HIV.

A-10 / The Houston Post / Wednesday, March 20, 1991



Scientists say electric current may help fight AIDS


NEW YORK - Doctors at a prestigious New Your medical center are testing a new way to fight AIDS - using electrical energy to weaken the killer virus - and say their first results are encouraging. Researchers William Lyman and Steven Kaali of the Albert Einstein School of Medicine said Tuesday that initial laboratory tests have shown electrical current can weaken the virus believed to cause acquired immune deficiency syndrome.

The two men said they plan to move to the next phase of the experiment in April using blood samples from people with AIDS. If their tests are successful, the researchers hope it could lead to a new way to treat AIDS patients, possibly involving a dialysis-type machine in which an AIDS patient's blood would be treated with electrical current outside the body.
"What we have done is expose the AIDS virus in laboratory circumstances to electrical current and then incubated the virus with white blood cells susceptible to the virus.

We found that the virus became much more ineffective", Kaali, a specialist in the medical use of electrical current, said. Lyman, an AIDS researcher and associate professor of pathology at Einstein, likened the new technique to chemotherapy. "You are not going to get rid of the tumor, but you could get rid of enough of it to help the patient lead a normal life. This is not a cure but a new tool", Lyman said.
He added that the use of electrical energy has no toxic side effects and that a similar technique has been used as a treatment for reducing herpes.

Robert Beck

Bob Beck applied his genius to health research after retiring from a challenging and rewarding career as a physicist. He worked on several government classified projects—including a project to measure
extra low frequency signals circling the globe. These frequencies are suspect as a means of mind control and Bob invented a small magnetometer that could detect the frequencies better than the existing $300,000 SQUIDS or Sequential Quantum Integrating Devices in use.
Bob Beck’s unusual intelligence was evident from an early age. “I was building crystal sets for the kid on the block when I was quite young. It sort of fascinated me and I’ve been at it all my life since.”
An early interest in photography supported him while he worked his way through university. As a photographer, he applied his talents to developing an electronic flash for his camera. “I learned to blow glass and I bought a container of xenon for $70. It was too valuable to leave at Wilcox Photo Sales where I was doing the work, so I took it home with me. Mother said, ‘What’s that?’ I said xenon. ‘What did it cost?’ I said $70. She exploded. ‘You paid $70 for that empty glass thing!’ When she looked at that she saw nothing. The gas was invisible. When I looked at it I saw the future of photography.” Bob sold the patent his low voltage flashcube to Ed Wilcox for $500. “That was the most money I’d ever seen in my life, paid for my last semester at USC… When the Olympics were held here in Los Angeles and the coliseum was full of people, the announcer suggested that they turn out the lights in the stadium and people flash to signify they’d had a good time. I was sitting in my bedroom looking at the television and here were these what looked like hundreds of thousands of flashbulbs. Tears came to my eyes because I realized that all of those things were my grandchildren and it wasn’t just one or two units or a dozen at Life magazine that I built with my own hands, it was the whole world using my grandchildren.”

In the 1980’s, he operated his own company during a time when he did extensive research on the brain. He developed a powerful electroencephalograph unit. This research eventually led him to Dr. Margaret Patterson, a Scottish surgeon, visiting the US from England. Dr. Patterson’s work was featured in the January 1983 issue of Omni magazine when Peter Townsend, a British rock star, went public after stopping his slide into “drugged oblivion.” The article, “Brain Tuner,” by Kathleen McAuliffe caught Bob Beck’s attention. Dr. Patterson had developed a “black box” to help her patients with their addictions after working with Dr. H. L. Wen in Hong Kong using electroacupuncture. Dr. Wong had discovered some of his patients were overcoming addictions without severe withdrawal symptoms. Bob Beck subsequently developed his own Brain Tuner after attending a seminar in Quebec, Canada in 1982. He met a researcher who had visited Russia to learn about a device that was highly effective with addictions. This researcher told Bob, she “had finally located the secret frequency that was causing the tissue to rejuvenate. … Now there are three magic numbers which caused the rejuvenation, the healing, rapid re–stimulation of the neuro–transmitters. … they are in the little box that we built.” In fact Beck’s device has over 200 beneficial frequencies. The first unit was called a BT5.
Later, Bob added extra settings in a model called the BT6. For his work with the brain Bob Beck received the John Fetzer Foundation pioneering award in 1990. Research with Beck’s Brain Tuner gained attention in two books published in the 90’s: Mega Brain Power, by Michael Hutchison and Super– Learning 2000 by Sheila Ostrander & Lynn Schroeder. More recently, James Oschman referred to Beck’s research in Energy Medicine, The Scientific Basis.

His life took another turn in 1991 when a brief mention about research with microamperes of electricity at Albert Einstein College of Medicine appeared in the March 30th issue of Science News. Dr. William D. Lyman and Dr. Steven Kaali had presented a paper in Washington, D.C. on March 14th at the First International Symposium on Combination Therapies. In their laboratory, electrical currents disabled or neutralized viruses so the viruses were no longer able to reproduce. The research spoke of the possibility of running blood through a dialysis–like unit or implanting electrical devices to incapacitate HIV. This research both intrigued and challenged Bob Beck. He discovered, however, that the research had been pulled from public view—the paper was no longer part of the published proceedings of the symposium. A search of US patents finally led Bob Beck to the evidence and details he was searching for. The researchers had filed patent #5,188,738 on November 16, 1990. The patent states: “to provide electric current flow through the blood or other body fluids at a magnitude that is biologically compatible but is sufficient to render the bacteria, virus, parasites and/or fungus ineffective to infect or affect normally healthy cells…” The only other public evidence of this research is an interview with Dr. Lyman on March 30, 1991 by the CBC radio program “Quirks & Quarks” in Canada.

By nature and profession Robert C. Beck was always an innovator and inventor. He set about to develop a system to send the necessary microcurrents of electricity into the blood without medical intrusion or, in other words, without invading the body.
After developing a system using electrodes on the skin, carefully placed over two arteries, he funded a study with two medical doctors and 8 AIDS patients. Beck had hoped to publish the results of this study. According to Bob Beck, all 8 patients were symptom–free. The established medical system, however, required that a PCR test show that each individual was no longer HIV positive. This led to confusion and the eventual abandonment of the study as the PCR test results were all over the place. It has since come to light that the PCR test is not a valid test for HIV. It has further come to light that HIV is not necessarily a causative factor in AIDS.
What If Everything You Thought You Knew About AIDS Was Wrong by Christine Maggiore is an excellent resource that reveals the politics of research concerning AIDS.
Over time, Bob Beck saw the need to reach the lymphatic system with electrification. He realized the lymph system is more extensive than the blood vessels and can harbor and hide viral infections and so re-infect the blood. To electrify lymph and tissue, Beck devised a magnetic pulse generator to induce the necessary microcurrents of electricity in specific sites.

Beck was giving talks and workshops at health shows. He sold a handout titled, “Take Back Your Power” at these workshops for a nominal fee. The handout included schematics so those interested could build their own devices. At a seminar in Seattle in early 1996, husband and wife team Russ Torlage and Lesley Punt heard Bob Beck speak and purchased a handout. Lesley was looking for a way to overcome Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Russ applied his design talents to Bob’s material. To make the story short, the blood and tissue electrification units were the tools that gave Lesley back her life.
When Bob Beck examined the units Russ had designed, he immediately gave the units his endorsement. He had only endorsed one other company to this point, as he wanted to be sure the public would get good value for their money. Russ Torlage of SOTA worked closely with Bob Beck for the last few years of his life. At the time of his passing, SOTA Instruments Inc. was the sole company endorsed by Robert C. Beck.

At one point in his career, Bob Beck also lectured to post–graduate students. He told his students, “You can’t go up against the establishment with pure science—you’ve got to be politically correct. And that’s just basic to the way things are done out there. … What I’m doing is totally politically incorrect!” Beck says now the discovery at Albert Einstein College was really a re–discovery. He has found that many patents have been filed over the years showing the effectiveness of electricity for health.
Referring to the units and his handout, Bob Beck says, “It is experimental. We have given you this information for educational and operational purposes only. But there is no such thing as a bacterial strain resistant to electricity. It’s that simple. So we know we’re on the threshold of something great and I know I am not popular with the pharmaceutical houses…” He concludes, “Well, God has left a back door [for health] and that back door seems to be electricity.”