1. One million frequencies 0 to 10,000 hz.

  2. Accurate to two decimal places.

  3. Over 2000 pre programmed sequences from A-Z.

  4. Scrollable menu on the LCD screen select and RUN.

  5. Delivers frequencies in steady or pulse mode programmable.

  6. Scans between a range of selected frequencies with forward and back functionality.

  7. Has wobble feature. Oscillate each side of a chosen frequency.

  8. Plenty of memory to save your favorite sequences.

  9. Makes colloidal silver with constant current process.

  10. Acts as a Beck unit to clean the blood.

  11. Has TENS functions for those muscle pains as used by physiotherapists.

  12. 30 day money back guarantee, if it does not deliver what we say it does, get your money back .(see refunds policy)

  13. 5 year warranty with online registration.

  14. Comes in a handy compact carry case.

  15. Plugs into any 12v dc source e.g. your motor car.

  16. Has favorites menu for fast finding of your popular sequences.

  17. Record your history of use.

  18. Displays a brief description of the various conditions.

  19. Displays warnings where necessary Web site has a login user functionality for detailed use and specific information.