About Health Recovery Systems

Health Recovery Systems has been in business for 20 years primarily marketing and recently manufacturing Rife type frequency generators.
The owners of Health Recovery System started in the alternative health industry through nutrition and supplements. seeing the amazing benefits derived from frequency medicine Health recovery systems became one of the largest distributors of the EnergyWellness frequency unit made in la Jolla California.
Health Recovery Systems eventually took over the EnergyWellness business  as the EW5000 came out. With the development of better electronics and being aware of users needs Health Recovery Systems engaged an engineering team to design and build a new Frequency Unit with more features flexibility, more reliability and at an affordable price.
The new aliXXor took a year in the development and testing phase and came into production in 1012.
Health Recovery systems has now sold into over 35 countries around the world.
The success of Health Recovery Systems has been our customer service where do put out our customers first.
We offer advice on which unit would best suit the client and provide a good back up service.