Health Recovery Systems

Introducing ..........aliXXor.......

The newest most comprehensive and versatile frequency unit  to come on the market with more preset protocols than any other unit.

Frequency Medicine.

In today’s world of high speed living causing toxic overload and nutrient depleted diets ill health is becoming the norm for many people.

The high acidic environment and weakened immune systems can cause the body to become an attractive home to many parasites who in turn cause more toxins and the end result is a compromised state of health.

It has been well proven that these parasites all have a mortal oscillating frequency. This means a frequency that will very efficiently kill them in the same way as a high musical note can shatter a glass. Many trials have shown parasites being devitalized while exposed to a specific frequency. This means parasites can be eliminated without the use of drugs and no side effects.

Frequency Medicine is rapidly becoming more accepted as the more natural way to assist the body in health recovery. With frequencies to aid the body in detoxing, frequencies to devitalize bacteria and viruses and frequencies to aid with muscular aches and pains frequency devices are proving to be a household item for many.

Frequency devices can be used alongside the very best of alternative and medical Treatments.

Many practitioners and individuals have reported conditions such as Ulcerative Colitis, Crohns Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Shingles, Epstein Barr, and many others are either much improved, or the symptoms have simply disappeared.

Many families, individuals and health practitioners have been  using the frequency units as an integral part of a Total Wellness Program incorporated into a lifestyle where diet, water, exercise, adequate sleep, relaxation and supplementation are all practiced. Now they can step up to the "aliXXor" with its simple functionality, accuracy , versatility and enjoy the many more features aliXXor employs.

With aliXXors added features of colloidal silver making, running the Beck Blood cleansing for parasites and the use of futuristic structured water to carry those frequencies to cell level you truly do have a very versatile family health unit.


Comes in an attractive case with  aliXXor frequency generator, Water energizer, power pack, hand cylinders, foot plates, cables,manual, colloidal silver maker and Beck Blood cleanser. 


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